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VA Benefits

VA benefits are health care benefits for veterans provided by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).  

The benefits plan includes many different health care services, such as preventative services, diagnostic and treatment services, and hospitalization.  

In some cases, VA benefits can even cover nursing home and other long-term care options.

Your VA Benefits

Many veterans are unaware of the substantial assistance available to them through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).  For this reason, countless veterans fail to fully utilize their benefits each year.


If you are a veteran, or the spouse of a veteran,

you may be eligible to receive monetary assistance to defray the cost of health care expenses for yourself or a dependent.

  Covered services may include:

  • Preventative care services 

  • Outpatient diagnostic and treatment services (including mental health and substance abuse treatment)

  • Inpatient diagnostic and treatment services

  • Prescriptions

  • Long-term care (including nursing home care for some veterans)

Eligibility and Enrollment

Navigating the eligiblity requirements for VA benefits can be difficult and time-consuming.  Having an experienced attorney, like Mr. Nogowski, guide you through process can provide clarity to the confusion.  It can also assure that you and your loved ones are getting the most out of your benefits.

Note that the VA has different eligibility requirements than Medicaid. Most notably, VA benefits are not subject to the same five year look back period. 


To learn more about not only receiving, but maximizing, your VA benefits, contact Mr. Nogowski today.

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