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Mr. Nogowski's guardianship practice includes:

  • Appointing guardians for children who are no longer in their parents' care for any number of reasons, such as a physical illness, death, military deployment, drug or alcohol problems, or child neglect.

  • Representing individuals who wish to assume guardianship responsibilities, or appointing guardians for individuals who cannot take care of themselves due to mental as well as physical reasons.


Guardianship Litigation

  • Guardianship appointments and guardianship litigation go hand in hand.  Mr. Nogowski provides legal representation in the areas of contested and non-contested guardianships, which may include disputes over whether an individual needs a guardian, or conflict over an attempted appointment of a particular guardian.


Guardianship is a legal court proceeding in which a guardian is appointed to exercise the legal rights of an incapacitated person or minor, also referred to as a ward.  A guardian can be either an individual or an institution, appointed by the court to care for a ward or the ward's assets.

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