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Life Care Planning

Life Care Planning is much more than Estate Planning.  Life Care Planning means working with you (or your medically frail or elderly family member), to maintain and enhance quality of life in a home or community-based setting.  

We work with you to arrange for services such as:

  • Health Care Case Management

  • In-home Care Services

  • Medicare and Medicaid Coverage Advice

  • Financial Services Assistance (Bill Payment)

  • Home Adaptation / Property Maintenance

  • Remote Electronic Monitoring Services

Live for Today.  Plan for Tomorrow.


We take a holistic approach to your family’s needs. We help you to develop a Life Care Plan encompassing your family’s medical, financial, legal, housing, homecare and insurance needs. 


We then help you to assemble a multi-disciplinary team of diverse professionals, so that you can maintain the lifestyle you desire. We also help you to maximize available public benefits to pay for the necessary services.

Getting older sometimes means you need a little extra help.  You might need a little help getting to the doctor's office, taking your medications on time, getting up the stairs at night, or getting your chores done.  You might need help preparing meals.

Nursing homes are expensive and in many cases, unnecessary.  It is important for you to learn about the alternatives, and how you can stay in your home until you decide that you are ready to leave.


Mr. Nogowski can help you evaluate your needs, develop a Life Care Plan, and determine the best way to pay for your family’s needs.

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