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Aging in Place

We know how stressful it can be, worrying about the well-being of a senior parent or loved one, whether you are across town or across the country.  Nursing homes are only one of several options that families may consider today.

  Aging in Place services can include:

  • Health Care Case Management

  • In-home Care Services

  • Medicare and Medicaid Coverage Advice

  • Financial Services Assistance (Bill Payment)

  • Home Adaptation / Property Maintenance

  • Remote Electronic Monitoring Services

A Comprehensive Care Plan

Mr. Nogowski has been helping families find tailored solutions to their loved ones' unique needs for years. He will help you to assemble a multi-disciplinary team of diverse professionals, so that your loved one can maintain the lifestyle that he or she desires.

Many families are now relying upon a combination of legal tools (guardianships, powers of attorney, trusts, financial monitoring, etc.), along with modern technology, to delay or avoid placing a loved one into a nursing home.  A comprehensive Life Care Plan and "aging in place" is another option.

A properly conceived Life Care Plan may include home visits from nurses, home health aides, nutritionists and therapists as required, community-based adult day services, help with finances, home adaptations, as well as electronic security and video monitoring services.  Mr. Nogowski can help you put together and manage a comprehensive array of services for you senior loved one.  

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